Sunday, February 14, 2010


We are here now as representatives of those who lived before us since the beginning of mankind. Like our ancestors, we have learned survival only to realize our travel on earth is temporary. So we strive to pass our knowledge, along with the best of us, to our children to give them an easier life and to exist through them and their children until the end of time.

At least one branch of the ancestors of Bonney Jo Bott, John Paul Bott II, and Harry Bruce Bott has been traced back beyond the twelfth century.

While noting that our family surnames are a merge of Bott, Bonney, Weeks, Nixon, Elliot, Green, Eddy, Shipley, Moore, Hutchins, Haines, and Mead... ...this saga emphasizes the names of Bott, Bonney, and Weeks.

Tracing a family line back centuries, at some point, becomes impossible, the extent depending on the history of the earliest location found. Written records for non-royalty were rare and many disappeared during wars, in fires, or because of weather disasters.

In addition, tracing surnames of English ancestors becomes blurred because of practices used. Some were named for their occupation, while others adopted the name of the area where they lived.

To make more confusion, landowners may have a surname and a location. So, if they owned properties in more than one area, their name changed depending on where they resided during the year. When names became written in legal transactions, they were often spelled differently, depending on who was writing and the accent used when the name was pronounced.

In this family history, an attempt has been made to tell our story using the best researched conclusions as of now.